Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Few Simple Things

I was blessed this past week in testimony meeting. Despite feeling frazzled, frustrated and pessimistic, I was able to feel the Spirit of the Lord. It started with a simple story shared in a testimony and then grew from there until I was pleasantly surprised to find the familiar feeling that comes when touched by the Spirit.

One mother shared a story of how her little daughter lost her favorite purple dress. She was so distressed about it. Together they knelt in prayer. Then they took more action in searching. They found the dress and the little one immediately thought to take time to offer a heartfelt thank you to her Father in Heaven.

A lady who had served a mission with her husband bore testimony that made me grateful for the blessing of the gospel in my life. She mentioned learning, recently, from their mission area that had decided to turn their backs on the teachings of Christ.

The Young Men's President referred to several of the testimonies that had been born. He somehow linked them together for our ward. Just like the girl who was searching for her purple dress, each of us can come to the Lord with anything going on in our lives. He knows how to help us with any problem.

Another mother bore a "reluctant", yet poignant, testimony. Through her tears a message came, even though I didn't catch a lot of what she said.

All these simple testimonies woven together increased my own faith, provided enlightenment to my heart and mind. Isn't it wonderful how you can be blessed even when you probably don't deserve it? Sometimes it is through small, simple things that our hearts get touched. I guess that is the way the gospel works. :)

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Laurie said...

This is so true!! For me, it's always something small that triggers those feelings from the Spirit!

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