Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gospel Principles

The new manual for the next two years for the Priesthood and for Relief Society is Gospel Principles. I just wanted to bear my testimony of this book! I remember reading it growing up - sometimes on my own, sometimes as part of family scripture study. It was definitely one of those books that I would go to if I had a question.

And now as a mother, I've begun to read it with my oldest daughter. We homeschool, and a few months ago, I was trying to decide on a "reader" to use (something for her to read out loud to me, to practice enunciation, etc.), and as I was thinking about it, I had a very distinct thought that I should use Gospel Principles. I'm not one to get very distinct thoughts like that very often, so I definitely listened to it! And now, I love that she reads it on her own, and I love hearing her say things like, "Mom, I'm on Chapter 4, and we're only on Chapter 2!"

As we study from this book for the next two years, I know my testimony of the basic Gospel principles will be strengthened. And I know yours can, too, as you read it!


Camilla said...

Wow, I am so impressed that you've been reading the manual with your daughter. . . . what a wonderful idea!!

I am excited to start teaching from the manual- I am R.S. teacher in our ward.

I found your blog from Rae's site-- she moved into our neighborhood.

feathersky said...

Thanks for visiting my site :D

I'm looking forward to studying from the new GP book too!

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