Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Of a Good Example

I think everything is easier when you have a good example in someone who has "been in your shoes." I've seen this in my life a lot lately - with homeschooling, with parenting girls, with parenting in general, with communicating...

I also believe things are easier when you have the support of the people around you. One somewhat trivial example in my life is how my friends respond to me trying to eat healthier. I have some who say, "Oh, it's a girls' night! Eat what you want!" and I have others who say, "I was thinking about making brownies, but I know you're trying to eat healthier, so what would you like to do?" There's a big difference in how I respond in each situation!

Things are definitely easier when you have a good example to follow and when you have the support you need from people closest to you!

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