Sunday, October 4, 2009

An Inspiring Weekend!

Wasn't General Conference wonderful?? It truly left me wanting more - and wanting to BE more. Underlying themes, for me, were service, virtue, integrity, personal revelation, diligence in teaching at home, love, and enduring to the end. I find it fascinating that everybody always gets different things out of Conference, so please share what you got out of Conference, if you'd like.

Stephanie, at Diapers & Divinity, created a General Conference Online Book Club back in April, and she's doing it again for October Conference. She puts up a new talk to discuss each week, and the comments are wonderful! You can go HERE for the explanation of the book club, and HERE for the first post about this weekend's Conference. (On the explanation page, there is also a link to each week's post, as they get added.)

Also, the mp3s of General Conference are already available on the Church site, if you'd like to listen or re-listen to any of the talks. The text is usually up before the week is through. I can tell you that studying each talk throughout the next six months will bless your life! I've begun to make Conference talks a part of my daily scripture study, and it has truly blessed my life!

I have a strong testimony of General Conference! It is truly a wonderful weekend of uplifting and inspiring thoughts. It always helps me become better! I know it can do this for everyone!

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Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

It was fantastic. Thanks for the GCBC endorsement. I'm already excited about the response.

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