Friday, October 23, 2009

Of Tithing

Over the summer, I really gained a stronger testimony of tithing. I've always had a testimony of it, but there were a few instances this summer, that made my testimony even stronger.

In June, my husband asked if we could round our tithing up a little. He's always liked it to be exactly 10%, so taxes are easier, and then we'd just put a little more in fast offerings. But he felt like we should give a little more toward tithing. Of course, I said sure!

In July, my husband's boss let them know that someone from their department would need to be laid off. There were only 8 people in his department. Unfortunately, his friend was laid off, but what a blessing to our family for my husband to keep his job.

His boss had also mentioned that if they didn't start to get more work, everyone would have to have pay cuts by the end of August. We continued to pay our tithing in faith, knowing Heavenly Father would bless us. Around the middle of August, we received the news that business had picked up enough that they were going to postpone pay cuts! It's been two months since then, and it seems like they keep getting more and more work. That's quite a blessing!

The last miracle was one that especially touched me and made me grateful to our Heavenly Father for truly being mindful of all His children. Our daughters were going to start a music class in August. Combined, their tuition would have been close to $70 a month. Thanks to my dear friend, the teacher of this music class, we traded babysitting for the "sibling tuition" for my second daughter. That still left me with $45 a month to come up with, out of my own budget! My husband didn't see music class as a true necessity, so I said I'd take care of it. I didn't know how I would, but it was really important to me that the girls started this music class.

Halfway through July, I got an email from my friend, saying that there was going to be a scholarship offered for the music classes to those who qualified. I had to answer a few questions, and send them in to the founder of these specific classes.

Not two days after hearing about not having pay cuts, we got the blessed phone call that we had qualified for the music scholarship! Our materials fee was waived ($98), tuition was cut in half ($22.50 a month now, instead of close to $70 in the beginning), and the scholarship is renewable next year!

Some people would call this a coincidence, but I don't believe that. I know we were blessed for faithfully paying our tithing.


Sarah Blue said...

It is wonderful that we can always count on Heavenly Father to keep His promises if we simply obey His commandments! Thanks for sharing this.

Kim said...

I agree completely! Thank you for being a witness and having a testimony like this. So many people clinch their purses tighter during rougher economic times. They will stop tithing or offering before cutting things like fast food or cable. Thank you for the reminder that it takes a combination of things to remain faithful.

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