Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Of Inspired Leaders

Today, Elder Bednar spoke at Education Week (you can watch or read it here). We truly have inspired leaders! His entire message was on how we can utilize social media in spreading the Gospel. I highly recommend watching it!

One of my favorite lines in his devotional was something like, "Social media needs to be our servant - not our master." That's definitely not a direct quote, but that's the message I heard. And I must admit that it has been my master way too many times! I'm ready to take over and show it who's boss! :)

I'm so grateful for the leaders of our Church. They truly are inspired to share with us what we need to hear on that very day!


Jana said...

I love this talk. The very first seminary in-service I went to, the speaker told us not to let technology scare us. We should let our students use their technology to read their scriptures. We as teacher need to make sure their scripture mastery's are high lighted and that they know how to annotate so they can take notes. It is all linked to their LDS.org account and they will be able to use these on their mission. My students use their phones. Technology has come a long ways and can be so useful in the Gospel. One other thing that caught me with this talk is that nothing is going to stop the work of God. Instead of avoiding technology, we need to embrace it and learn how to use it so we can continue the work of God. Sorry for a long comment.

Paul S said...

Wise words. The world would be a better place if people put their heads down to pray, rather than view electronic devices.

Happy Monday!

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