Friday, May 30, 2008

Trials of Patience

Ok so I am supposed to be on the Reading the BOM in 90 days bandwagon. I started off great, I was even ahead of schedule. For some reason the last week or so I have been HORRIBLE! One thing I have noticed is that this last week or so has been HORRIBLE for me too! My patience is thin and my poor children feel the brunt of it. I love reading the BOM! One thing I have realized is that reading the BOM is such a time of inspiration for me. I have learned to have a pad of paper and pen right next to me while I read because thoughts just flow. The amazing part is that it doesn't effect my comprehension of what I am reading. I have received much inspiration for my kids and my family as I take the time to sit quietly and dive into the scriptures. My days go smoother, my patience stretches longer, my voice stays at or below a normal decibal, I have more time for important things in my life, rather I MAKE more time for the important things in my life. Having said this...I hope this next week goes much better for me and reading the BOM.


Laurie said...

So true, so true!!!

Solzeye Jewels said...

It amazes me how when I am reading the BOM every day, how smooth my life goes. If I skip, oh horrors!

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