Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ancient "Blogging"

While away from home for a couple of weeks, I did a poor job of scripture study. In the middle of checking through my emails, I decided I had better get off on the right foot this morning, so I cruised over to and chose a random scripture page.

The page I chose to begin reading reminded me of I visited the site and was happy to find some excellent scriptures that I could have a more in depth study on. Laurie's "Be of Good Cheer" post really hit the spot for me.

So, what did I read? Jacob 4:1-4 It is great to know we can write to strengthen one another in the gospel by the things that have strengthened our own lives. I am reading all your testimonies with "thankful hearts" and trying to "learn with joy and not with sorrow."

Thanks all!

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Laurie said...

That's a great scripture! I think I'll add part of that to the sidebar! Thanks!

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