Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This next Monday is the last Family Home Evening before Conference. We've decided to have an FHE about the lives of the current leaders of our Church, so our kids will know them better and will be more willing to listen to them next week. Our kids are younger (4 and 2), so I don't expect them to sit on the couch for 8 hours and listen quietly, but I'm hoping that they'll recognize the apostles and know they're special men and feel like they know them a little bit better. If nothing else, they'll know that it's important to US to watch General Conference and that WE think they're special men!

That's what we've decided to do. What does your family do to prepare for Conference?


Tina said...

We have started including Pres. Monson and the other apostles in our family prayers. And we will pray Saturday morning, too, because it can't hurt right?? Hopefully, it will help us stay focused and the kids in the right mode for reverence.

In Primary, the kids have been learning the apostles associating their pictures with an object that goes with a story about each one. So we'll try to review those for FHE...if I can remember all the stories. :S

Also, we just read about King Benjamin's address and had the kids tell us how it's like conference.

Oh and to make it fun, we go to Walmart/dollar store and they all pick out some crafts that they can do quietly while we listen and watch.

Kyla said...

My mom always had church bingo so we would listen and put candy on the subject (Joseph Smith, temples, tithing, prayer, families etc....)

We always had to listen to the prophet. At my grandma's we would all be playing, and when the prophet began to speak, we knew it was the most important and were all "quiet" and listened... then we got our candy!~

The Bach 9! said...

Got two sites that have some ideas for General Conference. Thought I would share them with you. conf notbk.htm

Glad you are thinking about what you will do to prepare your family for conference. This will be the first time I do it without my husband. He was called a few months ago as the Branch President of a Correctionnal Facility and has to be there every single sunday!

Heard from a temple designer for the church and he said to really listen to the temple announcements!!

CompleteLee Blogger said...

A friend just sent me this link. It is "A snappy little song to help remember the first presidency and quorum of twelve in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as LDS or Mormon. Artist is unknown". This could be a good one to help get ready for conference. It is entitled "The Apostle Song."

Laurie said...

Oh, I've heard that! That's a great one!

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